Interest Rates!!!

Interest Rates!!!

The Reserve Bank of Australia has not moved the Cash Rate from 1.50% for 24 months.

 However, banks & other lenders have increased interest rates to their existing client base substantially during this time. Over the same period Lenders and Banks have offered extremely low interest rates for “New Business/Customers to Bank” and left out the existing clients so the lenders can build their profit and dividends to shareholders.

 The only way to get a straight answer is to talk to an independent Finance Broker who has all the best interest rates for you at their fingertips.

 Finance For Life has been around for over 25 years proudly providing very competitive interest rates to our clients. If you would like to check in with us we would be more than pleased to assess your current interest rate and advise you of the options that are available to you with your personal financial circumstances.

Simply call us.